Our Vision

University of Guelph, Kemptville Campus, its partners and supporting organizations, strongly believe farmers and producers can and will achieve sustainability and prosperity with the adoption of business management practices through life-long learning.

Core Values:

  • Success in the agriculture and agri-food industry requires life-long learning to continuously upgrade technical and managerial skills in response to industry advancement and evolving business practices
  • The learning processes for technical and managerial skills must be suited to the availability and timing of entrepreneurs
  • Life-long learning is more than books and lectures, it is also about shared experience and ideas among colleagues and professionals
  • The release of new or updated knowledge must be coordinated with the shifting needs of today's enterprise to reinvent itself continuously, so as to remain competitive on a global scale

Our Mission:

To build a self-sustaining and continuously evolving network of life-long, highly skilled agriculture and agri-food entrepreneurs.